Rarah (Red/Sarah) is the friendship between Pokemonred200 and ThisOnePerson.


  • They met in the Degrassi wiki chat when Sarah told Red not to take a drunken Syler seriously.
  • They both ship Matlingsworth really hard and are part of the Matlingsworth Mafia.
  • They both ship Novas.
  • #MayaDefenseSquad
  • Sarah indirectly got Red into Shameless, as he read a few of her comments on it with others and decided to watch it.

Their Ships

  • Mickey/Mandy (Shameless)
  • Lip/Mickey (Shameless)
  • Fiona/Mickey (Shameless)
  • Lip/Kev (Shameless)
  • Toby/Hanna (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Nathan/Peyton (One Tree Hill)
  • Brooke/Chase (One Tree Hill)

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