The friendship between Danixcalifornia and Scallisons.


  • Both Catie and Dani love Disney films
  • Both ship Matlingsworth and consider Zaya to be nOTP
  • Catie and Dani are both obsessed with Frozen and Kristanna is their OTP.
  • Both considered Eclare to be OTP until it was tainted
  • They love the show Friends and their OTP is Mondler
  • They both watch Skins and they ship Tochelle
  • They both have a crush on Nicholas Hoult (although he's Dani's)

Their Ships

  • Shay/Deandra (Most Popular Girls In School)
  • Daenerys Targaryen/Arya Stark (Game Of Thrones)
  • Kristoff/Anna (Frozen)

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