Cemi (CC/Demi) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Demi the Foxie .


  • They both love reading, writing, activism, and acting.
  • Both consider Clare, Imogen, Ellie, Fiona, Maya, Liberty, Ashley, Marisol, Holly J., Mercedes, Quinn, Luna Lovegood, Alex, Hermione, Paige, Hazel, Snow White (from the Huntsman movie), Courtney, Gwen, Zoey, Zoe, Jade, Cat, Manny, Trina, Jane, Jenna, Darcy, Ginny, Anya, Emma, Tori Santamaria, Elsa, Mulan, Belle, Bianca, Becky, and Grace to be Queens.
  • Both consider Adam, Buddy, J.T., Campbell, Eli, Spinner, Sean, Toby, Marco, Dobby, The Weasley twins, Ron, Kurt, Andre, Jimmy, and Miles to be Kings.
  • They largely share the same OTPs except for Snily and Seddie, which CC detests.
  • They share the same BrOTPs.
  • Ducks are adorable.
  • They both like video games.
  • Both find the way makeup is used to be fascinating, though Demi is the only one who actually uses it.

Their ships

  • Molly/Klara (Marvel)
  • Lola/Grace (Degrassi)
  • Cat/Trina (Victorious)

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