The Chat Mods of Degrassi Wiki currently consists of ThisOnePerson, JosephBlue, Sarahdangerr, CrAshCrazychick08 and Disasterology.


  • Many different types of relationships have occurred in this group throughout the years.
  • There have been 15 chat mods, but only one has ever gotten Admin status so far. 
  • Tyler and Aleesha are the only chat mods to ever get demodded, but get their rights back. (Both were demodded once again for being inactive and it still remains that way)

Former Members

  • Rage&Love (Upgraded to Admin in August 2013)
  • EliGObsessed
  • Caoil
  • Clacier
  • Jack Layton
  • ClaudiaMoreno
  • Dreli
  • BoilingPoint
  • Windrays
  • HaleyCoyne (Cam made her a mod by accident one night while trying to PM her)
  • Balhh
  • Ultraviolets

Notable Relationships

  • Jarah
  • SarahJ
  • Nicy
  • Hicy
  • Rarah
  • Saleesha
  • Tyrah
  • Harah
  • Naleesha
  • Raleesha
  • Styler
  • Tycy
  • K-Pop Club
  • C-C TOP
  • CCJ

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