The Conflict between 2KE and almost everyone on the Wiki.


  • Adam's been friends with almost everyone on the Wiki at some point, but it eventually turns into some type of conflict.
  • Adam frequently claims he's the 'Rick Murray of the Wiki' because of the numerous conflicts he has with people.
  • The conflict resulted in the creation of Adam's infamous "the End of the Rainblow" blog about members of wikia.

Notable Incidents

  • Adam told Tyler that he hopes he gets bullied. (He claims that he's against bullying)
  • Adam told Amanda to "bleed buckets of blood."
  • Pretended to be Cam's friend and then posted confessions anonymously about his hatred towards him.
  • Said that not everyone on the Wiki is beautiful because some "look beastly" and it started a massive fight involving Jo, Pearl, Sarah, etc. He then acted like nothing happened.
  • Pops up on the Wiki randomly whenever there's drama involving his close friends.
  • Called Nate "another Pee Wee Herman", said Icy looked like a moose, Steph had "jungle tits", Hannah had "bubble cheeks", and that Lindsey was an ugly duckling.
  • It was suspected that Sarah was Adam because they had matching IP addresses for unknown reasons.

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